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With lingering intros and grand endings, Corsaire pulls you into their nostalgic heartland inspired sound with an upbeat contemporary indie twist. Through their debut track “Lost Someone” they explore fears of abandonment, questioning one’s place in life and exploring the complexities of relationships both internally and externally. The consistent use of dynamics throughout their music has become an important element that allows the listener to feel like they’re joining them on their journey, from start to finish. 


After years of playing together in different groups, brothers Connor (vox/guitar) and Shane Noetzel (guitar/vox) were joined by Keith Kruszeski (guitar), Riley Difford (bass), and Andy Awsumb (drums) to complete a revamped and revitalized project based in New York City. Each member brings their highly experienced musical résumé to the group, resulting in an energized and eclectic sound. With new music on the way, Corsaire aims to re-establish the essence of what they, and many others, have come to truly cherish about musical expression.